Tour Packages on EMI

You always think about saving up for travel but then you spend it, don’t you? Why not go the other way around? We, at Rukmat are offering you Tour Packages on EMI where you can go on the tour and enjoy, come back from the tour and slowly and steadily payout your loan.

We understand how hard it is to save money when you can clearly see your money on your account. You want to save it wisely but couldn’t. Here is your chance to Travel Loans for your tour and you will tick on your major goals for the year. It is so incredible to roam around your own country and get to know so much about various localities and languages, cultures and what not. So, enjoy the scenic beauty of India and be carefree.

Rukmat is offering Travel Loans for the people who want to travel but they don’t currently possess the exact amount of money for the tour. We are offering you Tour Packages on EMI, exclusively for travelling purposes and there will be no problem no more. Now, you can experience the adventure trips you were always interested in, take your family, friends and all your loved ones along to make this an epic journey.


Terms and condition apply*:
The loan disbursement is at the sole discretion of the Bank/NBCF
Loan disbursement solely depends on the individuals financial credit rating
Rate of Interest will depend on the Bank/NBFC.
All the paper needs to be submitted as per banks/ NBFC requirement.
RUKMAT do not take any responsibility on loan approval /dispersal.
RUKMAT will not be responsible for any dispute of any kind between the Bank/NBFC and the client.
Loan dispersed by bank/NBFC for travel will have to be used for travel only.

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